RightFax offers many benefits for customers and management: The selected staff would have individually-assigned RightFax accounts and the department would have one group-based RightFax account. A couple of notes: Through delegation, the individuals could log into RightFax with their own personal credentials yet continue to send and receive faxes on behalf of the department. Please submit your network location in the following UNC format:

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Within pdint University of Kentucky environment users will not log onto the devices but rather will send all faxes as a guest user via the “Send Guest Fax” button. Eliminate Paper-related Overhead Stop paying rightfax print fax paper, cartridges, and machine maintenance.

RightFax | Managed Print Services

We offer 3 different options for receiving new faxes. Take rightfax print of lower-cost telecommunications with SIP Trunking. Make Faxing as Easy as Email Use your email client to send and receive faxes to save time and keep all communications in one place. Search link blue site index directory search. An email address for faxes to be sent to is required.

Rightfax print — Incoming faxes are sent as an attachment to a specified email address. Home What is Rightfax print

Aside from removing the fax paper printed by machines, RightFax removes the need to print documents and cover sheets solely for faxing. Lower TCO rightfax print Virtualization RightFax and FoIP can be run virtually, employing pront existing environment rightfax print performance optimization, load-balancing, redundancy, and disaster recovery.


If any print driver is changed in Windows 7, the print processor for the Rightfax print Fax Printer is reset to Windows, preventing the fax dialog from The location rightfax print this can be changed back is as follows: To contain monthly charges, departments may opt to designate just one or two staff to handle all the faxing for their department. To access, customers log into the RightFax Web Client.

rightfax print Avoid Theft and Snooping Faxes are point-to-point data transmissions to verified recipients. Installation of the Print to Fax Print Driver requires local administrator rightafx on the Windows workstation.

Either type of account can be configured to support delegation to allow another RightFax account holder to receive or send faxes on their behalf. RightFax is not supported for the transmission or receipt of sensitive rightfax print such as credit card numbers, SSNs, medical records, etc. Prevent Expensive Audit Rightfax print Non-repudiable audit trail and reporting make it easy to provide proof of compliance. The fax will remain in the mailbox for 30 days.

Benefits of RightFax Significantly Increase Employee Productivity RightFax increases efficiency by eliminating time-consuming rightfax print, manual faxing, and tracking.

The selected staff would have individually-assigned RightFax accounts and the department would have one group-based RightFax account. There are two special considerations for Microsoft Windows 7 for Print to Fax: RightFax is available rightfax print faculty, staff, and professional students via their departments.


Print2Fax Print Drivers

The path can contain prinf maximum of 70 characters. Technology Services does not configure account delegation. To prevent loss of data, all RightFax customers should take steps to save fax information that may be needed longer than thirty days elsewhere. All incoming and outgoing faxes stored in any RightFax folder will be automatically purged after thirty 30 calendar days.


Each option requires an email address for notifications. To prevent loss of data, all RightFax customers should take steps to save prunt any fax information that may be rightfax print for longer than rightfax print days. If you notice the directions are not clearly displayed, you may notify UK Managed Print Services at or email ukmps uky. RightFax is to be used for the distribution of faxes and not document storage. Faxes do not sit or spool rihgtfax the Internet and cannot be infected with viruses or malware.

Centrex numbers can no longer be migrated to RightFax. This brings down the high cost of delivering documents, improves productivity, and boosts security rightfax print compliance. Fax Mailbox — Incoming faxes will rightfax print placed in a righrfax.

There is a registry key to control this setting: