The design is magnificent. How dare they release a 3D accelerator and advertise different 3D capabilities without a single changeable 3D setting! Considering that a vertex shader’s functions can be emulated by the CPU, this isn’t much of an issue – especially considering the card’s projected price. Video 3Digests Video cards: Everyone deserves a DirectX 8. However, it’s impossible to do this thing with the WinDVD because the player knows well the border between the monitors and you will see just a black window instead of a movie.

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And in the end it falls behind the RADEONwhich despite MHz has only two 2 rendering pipelines, instead of 4; besides, it uses only 4 texture units out of 6. Conclusion Drivers, drivers, drivers How dare they release a 3D accelerator and advertise different 3D capabilities without a single changeable 3D setting!

At x they score the same results although the MX doesn’t support pixel shaders and doesn’t have Game4 results.

Gigabyte Z Designare offers pros a bevy of connectivity options. Jedi Knight II Page Note that it’s impossible to disable the VSync. This feature should improve the quality of incoming video streams. Greater AGP bandwidth will theoretically let Xabre pull more data over the AGP bus, but what kind of impact this will have on performance is unclear.


SiS’s Xabre graphics processor – The Tech Report – Page 1

Samsung shows off Infinity Flex foldable smartphone display. For estimation of 3D performance we used: Quality in other tests and games won’t be examined today because soon we will publish next 3Digest with a lot of screenshots from many games and comments on quality of the Xabre.

Hardware support of pixel shaders 1. Pixel Shaders Well, it will be difficult to use pixel shaders in real applications because of a noticeable performance decrease. Test Setup Page 8: The features at a glance: Years ago, one of SiS’s on board graphics chipsets was caught rendering only every other frame in ZD’s then-popular 3D Winbench performance test.

The complete characteristics of video cards of this and other classes can be found in our 3Digest. The Xabre chip is hiding under there.

FILLRATE, Multi Texturing When the maximum number of textures is used at a pass the Xabre shows more optimistic results because of 4 fill pipelines and a capability to accumulate results of operation of the texture units rendering 4 textures at a pass. We will examine the respective aspects of the chip’s performance.

Before we turn to the card in question, I must say that Xabee covers all its PCBs with a thin layer of silver. Overclocking It’s possible to overclock only with the PowerStrip the Triplex’s overclocker is still too raw.


What’s really interesting is that Xabre has no vertex shaders. The Xabre does not feature a vertex shader, though. By Andrew Worobyew and Alexander Medvedev.

Videocard virtual museum ยป ECS AG (SiS Xabre )

But it makes it awfully. SiS has programmed in some per-pixel motion detection de-interlacing that kicks in when you use the integrated MPEG decoder. How big the advantage of the faster transfers between chipset and video chip really is remains to be seen. SiS kept Xabre’s transistor count low by leaving out vertex shaders.

ECS AG200 (SiS Xabre 200)

The following line on the GPU Xabre is going to be released: The problem of such a weak support of pixel shaders probably results from errors in the chip or drivers. At least, they are not mentioned, and the test results show that they are absent.

Note that xsbre to Triplex, this layer reduces temperature of the card to degrees Celsius. First of all, it is useful for movie lovers as they can run the a player on the second monitor.